Megastar of Tallink receives first LNG bunkering at Skangas Pori LNG terminal


Pori, Finland

To be completed at the Meyer Turku shipyard in late January, Tallink’s new liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered fast ferry M/S Megastar was bunkered with LNG for the first time at the newly opened Skangas Pori LNG terminal on January 4. Her maiden voyage will take place from Tallinn to Helsinki in late January.

The ferry is fuelled with the cleanest available marine fuel LNG and is compliant with the new, stricter emission regulations of Emission Control Areas (ECAs) such as the Baltic Sea. The hull with unequalled efficiency was designed exclusively for Megastar by Meyer Turku Shipyard.

M/S Megastar is 212 meters long and can accommodate 2,800 passengers. The fast ferry will operate between Helsinki and Tallinn at a service speed of 27 knots. The two stainless steel LNG tanks are located below deck 3 and have a total volume of 600 m3. The construction of the fast ferry began in summer 2015 and the launch took place in July 2016.

”It has been great to participate in the construction of the new-generation LNG-powered Tallink Megastar. Megastar is yet another proof of Meyer Turku being a global forerunner in the construction of LNG-powered ships. Using LNG as a fuel is an efficient way of reducing the environmental impacts of shipping. Hull form design and modeling helped minimize hull resistance – and therefore also minimize energy consumption during operation,” says Meyer Turku Project Manager Kari Toivonen.

”We’re happy that Megastar is now ready for operation and we're able to supply her with LNG, a fuel that has excellent environmental properties as its sulphur dioxide, particulate, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions are very low. Thanks to LNG, the engine exhaust gases contain hardly any nitrogen oxides, which are particularly harmful as regards issues such as the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. We want to offer the shipping industry reliable, safe and efficient LNG bunkerings,” says Skangas Sales and Marketing Director Tommy Mattila.

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Finland's 1st LNG Terminal Receives Cargo


Pori, Finland

The first cargo of LNG arrived at Gasum subsidiary Skangas’s LNG terminal in Pori, western Finland, on July 10 aboard Coral Energy from Zeebrugge in Belgium.
Skangas said commissioning of its new terminal – the first in Finland – will be completed in August. Commercial deliveries to customers will begin in September. LNG will help diversify the Finnish energy market.

Vitgas supports Russian Designers @ Paris Design Week 2015


Paris, France

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Russian gas delegation is visiting Israel headed by Deputy Minister of Energy Anton Inyutsyn.


Tel Aviv, Israel

A delegation of Russian natural gas companies, headed by Russian Deputy Minister of Energy Anton Inyutsyn, arrived in Israel for a two-day visit to examine possible cooperation on natural gas with Israeli companies. Manufacturers Association president Shraga Brosh will meet with Inyustyn and representatives of the companies to promote Israeli-Russian relations, share information about gas for transportation, and promote cooperation in this area.

The Russian delegation includes representatives from various companies, such as Russian energy giant Gazprom, the largest extractor of natural gas in the world, Energo Group and the Vitgas which develops natural gas infrastructure and equipment.

During the visit, the representatives will conduct a round table on the subject of gas for transportation with the Manufacturers Association, in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russia-Israel Business Council. Representatives of Israeli company Supergas and government company Israel Natural Gas Lines, which is responsible for the gas pipeline network in Israel, will also participate in the discussion.


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