Vostok Gas 


Saint Petersburg

​Japanese companies Itochu and Mitsui have expressed interest in the Baltic LNG project, press service of Russia’s top gas producer Gazprom reported following the meeting between heads of the companies with CEO Aleksei Miller within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Thursday​

Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish company will supply dual-fuel engines, the LNGPac fuel storage and supply system, the propulsion system, as well as provide a number of other services.
The 210 m long Orion, owned by DEME and constructed by the Chinese COSCO Shipyard, will feature Wärtsilä's 9-cylinder 46DF dual-fuel electric propulsion engines, and two 6-cylinder 20DF dual-fuel engines.


Hong Kong (SAR) China

​The fuel-hungry country has been pursuing the energy source, located at the bottom of oceans and in polar regions, for nearly two decades. China's minister of land and resources, Jiang Daming, said Thursday that the successful collection of the frozen fuel was "a major breakthrough that may lead to a global energy revolution," according to state media.​

 Japan’s Itochu and Mitsui interested in Baltic LNG project

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